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9 Topics That Are A Break From The Current News Cycle


Just pause for a second and think about your day. Imagine you wake up to a truly awful story in the news. You head to your local coffee shop for a pick me up, but the story is playing on a television screen. You check your social media accounts in an attempt to catch up with friends, but the story is occupying the majority of your feed. You finally get to work and think you can catch a break there, but the radio and your email notifications have a different plan. While it’s extremely important to stay aware and learn about things going on outside of your world, at times it can feel like there is no escape. Because of advancements in technology and the lightning speed of digital media, we have 360-degree access to the news, whether we want it or not. The next time you want to “unplug” without going completely offline, check out these nine hysterical, exciting, or empowering Internet gems.

1) Even The Obamas Are Obsessed With Beyoncé

Barack Obama may have celebrated his 57th birthday last week, but this video of him and Michelle dancing along to Jay Z and Beyoncé’s concert is the gift that keeps on giving. Footage of the former first couple letting loose at the On The Run II Tour went viral on social media and confirms all of Twitter’s suspicions; the Obamas really are living their best life.

2) The Best “In My Feelings Challenge” Actually Wasn’t Will Smith’s

Not by a longshot. The BEST #InMyFeelings challenge award goes to Beth and Randall Pearson. While I am well aware that the challenge is a dying cause, this video of Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown, the actors that portray This Is Us’s fan-favorite couple, never fails to brighten my mood. Between Drake’s catchy lyrics and Sterling’s sick dad moves, this video dares you not to have a good time.

3) A Shade For Every Mood

It’s rare that a makeup commercial makes me laugh out loud, but Covergirl’s newest TV spot does just that. It features entertainment extraordinaire Issa Rae and her real-life best friends as they compare various shades of vibrant lipstick. Issa and Co spend the majority of the funny youtube video joking, laughing, and throwing shade, an act meant to personify the 48 shades of Covergirl’s newest line. By turning away from the traditional commercial structure, the video will leave you feeling as if you’re headed out on the town with your favorite girls!

4) Her Dad (Finally) Said Yes To The Dress

We’ve all been there. You head to the store, fall madly in love with an article of clothing, only to realize that it can’t be yours. Whether it’s the wrong size, price, or color, that disappointment can be absolutely gutting. The next time it happens, check out this video! Ricky Smith, a hard-working father, is finally able to present his daughter with the dress of her eighth-grade formal dreams. Full warning, you may want to grab a tissue before pressing play.

5) Women Can Be Action Heroes Too

"Widows" is the best movie of the year and it isn’t even out as yet. The female-helmed thriller, directed by Oscar-winner Steve McQueen, is slated for a November release and it’s safe to say that I’m way too excited. The film brings together the forces of Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo, Michelle Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Debicki as they embark on an action-packed mission to protect their families’ darkest secrets. From the looks of the trailer, these women are just about ready to give 007 a run for his money.

6) Going Crazy for Crazy Rich Asians

When Crazy Rich Asians premieres next weekend, it will be the first movie in 25 years that centers an all Asian-American cast outside the world of kung-fu. The film, adapted from the exquisite novel by Kevin Kwan, is already lined up to make box office history and judging from the trailer, it absolutely deserves to. Check it out if you enjoy romantic comedies, luxury, extremely attractive people, or all three!

7) Biden And Barack Are Back At It Again

As previously mentioned, Barack Obama celebrated his 57th birthday earlier this month. He received an outpouring of positive and congratulatory messages, but none as adorable as this. His long-time political partner and friend, Joe Biden, posted this selfie after a celebratory lunch date. I don’t know about you, but these smiles made my day!

8) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Earns An Historic Win

Moving on from one history maker to another, this video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning the Democratic primary ticket for New York’s 14th Congressional District should have you jumping for joy. As recently as last year, 28-year old Ocasio-Cortez was waitressing at a taco restaurant in New York City. As of today, she is likely to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Talk about a side hustle.

Her victory speech:

9) Baby Boo’d Up

Dearest reader, we both know that this list would not be complete without a dancing baby. I promise this video of a young girl doing the car seat groove to Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” does not disappoint. The R&B song has been topping the Billboard charts all summer, but nothing says success like two chubby thumbs up from a baby.