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8 Honest Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

reasons why you're not losing weight

It's truth time. If you're easily offended then this post isn't for you. However, the real reason why you're not losing weight is because you're just not ready to.

#1 The majority of water you consume per day is from melted ice.

The importance of water consumption has been reiterated enough throughout society. We get it, and you get it. Instead, I'll address drinking water as a matter of preference. "Refreshing" isn't a "flavor," and sometimes the crisp-nothing taste of water gets boring. Maybe you've never been a fan of water and powered through it. You know what tastes better than water? Juice, soda, Gatorade...a Margarita. However, none of those delicious beverages help you shed the water that can be artificially increasing your weight.

#2 You swear you're not overeating, although you don't know for sure because you've never accurately tracked it, it's more a feeling you have.

Not all fitness enthusiasts track their meals, but the ones that don't and are still successful at managing their weight have four things in common. (1) They have years of experience. (2) They have a solid understanding of the calorie contents of different foods. (3) Over time, they've developed healthy habits that support their weight management without dieting. (4) They track their weight management in different ways. All of this goes to say that you can absolutely get to a point where you can intuitively know if you're overeating, but it takes practice.

#3 You do a fair bit of standing during work, and you also walk a lot of steps, so you think you're burning more calories than you are.

Your body is used to your daily level of activity. Your body is conditioned to withstand your typical activity, it has been there, done that, and it's no longer impressed. Your body responds to weight loss when you are consistently more physically active than you normally are. All of the sudden it has more activity that it needs to provide energy for, and it gets that energy by burning the fat from your body. Be aware that your body will always become conditioned to your levels of activity, even as you increase them. Therefore, if you want your body to respond, always remember that you need to sweeten the deal on your end.

#4 You're eating too much of a good thing.

I get it; those smokehouse almonds aren't going to eat themselves. They're highly addictive, but they're healthy fat, so no big deal right?

It's definitely a big deal. The problem is not that you enjoy healthy foods. That's an excellent issue to have. The problem is that you over indulge on them and a calorie is a calorie. It could be almonds, apples, or salmon but if you eat more calories than your body needs you will gain weight. Your waistline doesn't discriminate.

#5 Your illness is the boss of you.

If you're battling a condition that affects your hormonal balance, then you might have issues with managing and losing weight. Losing weight isn't impossible in these cases, but they do present an extra challenge for you. You have the final say on whether or not achieving a healthy weight is going to be impossible for you or just challenging for you.

#6 Planning ahead sounds like a drag.

It certainly can be at first, but planning your meals and workouts ahead leads to both results and flexibility to indulge in the foods and events you enjoy. When you look at planning that way, as opposed to it being a burden you come to realize how planning really allows you to get the best of both worlds.

#7 You think dieting is the opposite of self-love.

I can't imagine what could be more loving than giving your body what it needs so that it can perform for you. The relationship you have with your body is transactional, it's give and take, and all too often we become comfortable with taking and never giving. Your body needs nutrients, activity, and rest.

"If you give me enough food and exercise I will do my best to make you feel physically exceptional."

"If you give me too much food, or too much of the wrong foods, I will have to work harder to take care of you. I may even fall short, but I'll certainly try."

A relationship where one party's needs aren't met isn't a loving one.

#8 You think dieting means you can't enjoy food.

This line of thinking happens when there's not a good understanding of what it is that you enjoy about food. Think about your favorite foods. What is it about them that makes you happy? Do you enjoy the smells, the flavors, and the textures? If so, you can replicate all those sensory elements with healthier adjustments. For example, a double cheeseburger is still a double cheeseburger even when the beef patties are lean, and the cheese is low fat. Or, is it that you enjoy the experience of eating a fast food burger instead? The ease of a pre-made delicious meal handed to you is enticing when it's been a long day, and your boss is on your back. I believe that delving critically into this topic will help you acknowledge that you won't be missing out on the joy of eating, but perhaps the comfort and the experience of eating certain foods.