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8 Stores Like Modcloth With Cool Retro Style & Modern-Vintage Threads



If your alter-ego is a version of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel then you certainly appreciate the personality infused stylings of the precious foregone eras of mod vintage. Here’s the thing though, authentic vintage clothing, especially from those decades, is incredibly difficult to find especially. And, finding them in a range of sizes is impossible. But you can’t keep a style enthusiast down, oh hell no.

As the resourceful shoppers, we are, we pivot to stores and boutiques that carry reimagined or reproduced items. These items often feature original fabrics and patterns and give everyone the opportunity to participate in the fun and glamour of modern era vintage clothing.

Cue the entry of Modcloth, the first and only (with the help of Walmart) large-scale retailer of reproduced vintage clothing. And, the world rejoiced, at least the indie world of ladies too cool for chasing the latest fashion trends. All of the sudden mod era style clothing was easy to find, at affordable prices, and with impressive size inclusivity.

While Modcloth has been the only retailer to reach critical mass in recent years there are still some fast-growing retailers ready to rival them. These retailers each have their own feel which is perfect for the Mod gal, because fashion is more fun that way.

1. Alice & Olivia

Alice & Olivia tops our list of stores like Modcloth as a retro-style online boutique but while their aesthetic is certainly vintage they couldn’t be any more different than Modcloth. Alice & Olivia is a high-end designer retailer and their pieces are largely inspired by a different. One thing’s for sure, their pieces are show-stoppers, they’re sexy, they’re edgy and they’re bursting with color. Alice & Olivia is the perfect place for a Modcloth fan to shop who’s ready to splurge on some of the most incredible styles in the game.

Get the Berta Bow Collar Blouse for $330 and the Ferris Cuffed Sailor Pant for $295.

2. Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is easily the strongest rival to Modcloth. They carry loads of styles that are 50s and 60s inspired, their website is easy to shop and they even have a brick and mortar store if you’re ever in the burbank area. Where they really edge out Modcloth is that they’re still independently owned. Modcloth suffered over the years financially and was ultimately acquired by Walmart which saved the company but it disenfranchised many Modcloth shoppers who had misgivings with the big box retailer.

From a pricing standpoint, Unique Vintage somehow manages to compete with Modcloth in providing their adorable reproductions at really affordable prices. Regardless of the far-gone era of your choosing, Unique Vintage offers pieces that you’ll love.

Get the Steady 1940s Style Mulberry Pink Katherine Swing Dress for $74 and the Black Vinyl Long Opera Gloves for $28.

3. Shein

At face value, Shein doesn’t look like a vintage retailer at all and that’s because it isn’t. But that doesn’t stop them from consistently carrying beautiful reproductions which can be found by searching their site. The truth is both vintage and vintage reproduction can be a difficult business to sustain. There’s incredible legwork necessary to find authentic vintage pieces. And, if you manage to expand into reproductions, the research and design costs can be intimidating relative to the size of the audience. In short, ya gotta love it. There are smaller independent sellers all over, but many retailers choose to dip their toe in rather than going all out.

Get the 50s Floral Print Knot Dress for $20 and the Vintage Patter Bandana for $3.

4. Playful Promises

Playful Promises, a U.K. brand and sister brand to Wolf & Whistle, is the sexy alternative for the Modcloth fan who loves vintage down to her lingerie. What’s the point of wearing a gorgeous retro dress if your skivvies are Hanes? They offer bra cup sizes from A to G and U.S. clothing sizes from 2 to 26. In short, they want to make sure everyone has the chance to feel sexy all with prices that won’t break the bank.

Get the Peak & Beau Astrology Skirt for $81 and the Bettie Page Pink Cup Bra for $61.

5. Boden USA

Boden makes the list of stores like Modcloth as a U.K. retailer that prioritizes fun in fashion. And, what’s more fun than threads that transport you to a different time? While Boden doesn’t overtly market itself as a retro shop, most of their pieces are quite clearly inspired by 70s fashion. Their charming collections are flush with vibrant prints and colors and flattering silhouettes. Boden’s prices vary quite a bit from affordable to high-end so you’re sure to find something for every budget.

Get the Melody Jumpsuit for $180 and the Kristen Pleated Skirt for $170.

6. Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop joins our list of stores like Modcloth as another modern retro U.K. retailer. They design their pieces in house using traditional hand-painting methods as well as digital printing. Lindy Bop offers loads of variety in their collections as they release hundreds of new pieces each season, a benefit of an impeccable reproduction process. Lindy Bops styles are also size-inclusive with sizes ranging 8 to 26.

Get the Navy Blue Patent Brogue Shoes for $52 and the Vintage 1950s Box Pleat Swing Skirt for $39.

7. CollectIf

CollectIf is a modern vintage retailer that effortlessly combines new fashion trends with modern vintage styles. They focus their efforts on two separate lines, one that’s inspired by 40s and 50s styles of flared dresses and petticoats and another that’s inspired by pin-up culture. Although Collectif is U.K. based, they do ship to the U.S. And, they are closely aligned with Modcloth as a collaborative partner. They consistently add new styles to their Collectif x Modcloth collection which is only available in the U.S. through Modcloth.

Get the Mainline Freya Jeans for $46 and the Greta Swing Dress for $141.

8. Rosegal

Rosegal is another retailer that sells more than just modern vintage. Still, with some quick searching, you’ll find their charming collection of 50s style dresses and accessories and for dirt cheap. Rosegal is similar to Modcloth in their era focus. But, they differ greatly in a variety of styles and pricing. Rosegal is a great option for modern vintage lovers on a tight budget or those seeking to snag a cute dress for an event or costume.

Get the Retro Shawl Collar High Waist Dress for $13 and the American Flag Print Halter Dress for $13.