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These May Be The Funniest Youtube Videos In History

funny youtube videos

The most funny youtube videos on the internet right now. Did we miss any?

Youtube is the biggest video content collection on the internet on the planet with individuals and organizations alike using it to publish the digital media platform to publish their content.

As Youtube evolved, the necessity to improve the quality of videos increased because the average viewer no longer had to put up with low resolution and poor audio quality vids to get a good laugh or learn how to fix their plumbing. Hell, youtube even has it’s own TV and movie distribution now.

Still, there are always newly uploaded funny videos that look like crap but will have you and your friends dying with laughter. I feel optimistic that the list I’ve compiled features a bit of both styles, the old funny youtube of low-quality montages and the new funny youtube of high production value and scripted sketches.

Whether you’re looking for grandma’s secret fried chicken recipe or whacky and funny videos for a laugh, Youtube never disappoints. If you’re tired of scrolling through social media all the time or having a bad day, here are our pick of some of the funniest and wild Youtube videos to date that’ll definitely make you giggle out loud and make your day.

So, get your headphones out if you’re in class or at work because these selections of the funniest videos on Youtube will definitely crack you up and everyone around you if you’re not careful! The goods never stop rolling in on Youtube, so expect this list to only grow and become obnoxiously long one day. But, it’ll be the most hilarious day of your life.

STONE COLD E.T. - Hilarious drive thru WWE

When Stone Cold Steve Austin takes a break from chugging six packs and opening up a can of whoop ass, he dons an E.T. mask and hits up fast-food joints.

Gordon Talks Dirty

This video is a NSFW, so only watch it without headphones if your boss is cool. When Gordon Ramsey gets bored transforming amateur chefs into master chefs, he teaches the inexperienced about “the birds and the bees.” This may well be a better sex education lesson than public school offered me in the 90s.

American Psycho as a Daft Punk Song

Literally my favorite song this year. "Hey D.J., I’d like to request The American Psycho Daft Punk remix." This video might require a little background before you can truly understand the hilarity. If you’re watching this video and scratching your head, it’s likely because you haven’t seen “American Pyscho.” And, to that, I say “HOP TO IT.” It’s a classic! Are you nuts? Go watch it right now.

Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL!

Somebody get this crazy cat a Grammy because the melodies and beats it puts together in the studio are unmatched. This video was sponsored by “way too much time on your hands” and “I can’t believe your cat didn’t kill you.”

Dog Won't Listen To Owner (Funny Subtitle Version)

This video is a reminder of how amazing dog parents are and just how funny people can be in their natural state.

A dog parent took his boxer to the beach for a fun day and decided to document how well his boxer obeyed the orders, and often cries of its owner.

The original Crichton Leprechaun news story from LOCAL 15 News, WPMI

I appreciate a good folklore story as much as the next person. But, what I appreciate even more is a good modern-day folklore story. An Alabama neighborhood had been repeatedly terrorized by what residents called a leprechaun. Once the trouble maker was identified as a mythical creature, theories ensued.

Nutrigrain Ad

If this Youtube video can be described in a feeling then it’s like thirty minutes after shotgunning two monster energy drinks. After watching this video about twenty times, I went out in public and screamed “BABIES EVERYWHERE.”

Anti-Social: A Modern Dating Horror story

Ever wondered how much technology has affected our relationships and personal lives over the last ten years? Watch this hilarious skit as the happy-go-lucky Sarah finds herself in a nightmarish relationship with a guy whom she can’t stalk because…………….. he isn’t on social media! Watch Sarah and her friends stress and tear their hair out trying to figure why isn’t Sarah’s Mr. Perfect on social media.

Will they know what he did last summer? Most likely not. Is he a psycho? Maybe, definitely maybe. In all honesty, I found this video to be so funny because I’m a lot like that guy. I mostly have social media accounts out of obligation and updating it is the last thing I’d think to do on a given day.

Instead, I’m much more of an occasional lurker albeit limited to my sources of lurking that aren’t continuously lamenting about topics that are emotionally draining. In my preferred reality, I have no social media accounts at all but still manage to stay connected to others. Am I a psycho? Maybe, definitely maybe.

Threw it on the ground Andy Samberg- Digital Short

I freaking LOVE this video because I spend the entire three minutes thinking “who behaves like that!?” Threw It On The Ground is a definitive Youtube classic from almost a decade back, Andy Samberg is at his best rapping his way into the role of the signature antisocial nerd and his self-absorbed indignant expression of rage against ‘the system.’ By the way, literally everything is a part of ‘the system’ to this guy, nice gestures included, everyone is a target.

I can’t say that I personally know anyone quite on that level of general rage, but I’ve seen some social media personalities come really close. The best part of this video comes at the end when Elijah Woods and Ryan Reynolds make a surprise appearance and decides he has had enough rage for one evening after Andy rebuffs their autographs. One has to wonder, did Andy request the autographs and then throw them on the ground? Because I don’t know a single working celebrity, who would sacrifice a quiet dinner to pass out unsolicited autographs. Andy is such a turd.

NSFW Warning

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

If the Discovery Channel had a narrator this colorful and expressive when I was a kid, I would’ve definitely ended up in a completely different career today! On the other hand, my parents would have never let me watch it. They would become Honey Badger experts while I played in my room and wondered what was so funny.

Before Grumpy Cat took over the internet, Randall’s (the narrator of the clip) colorful narration of The Crazy Nastyass Honeybadger took the internet by storm, becoming the funniest Youtube animal video at the time, which inspired memes and souvenir products featuring the famous Nastyass Honeybadger himself!

Honey badgers really are freaking badass when you look further into their behaviors. I’ve even seen honey badgers stare down a pack of lions; it didn’t give a f*ck

Amazon Echo SNL

Tired of hearing older generations complain about how clueless and useless millennials are? Watch this video to prepare your comeback next time your mom makes fun of your poor knitting skills. SNL takes a humorous approach at how some seniors are at a loss when it comes to using modern technology and their constant “I’m not sure about that” mentality about everything. It’s a big surprise why Amazon never considered using this video for their own marketing!

Best TV News Bloopers Fails 2017

TV news bloopers have always made for some of the funniest video moments on American television. In this collection of the Best TV News Blooper Fails 2017, watch some of the best fails of some our beloved and not so beloved news anchors in full swing. With a half an hour runtime, watch a cute cat and a little girl take the newsroom spotlight without a care in the world, a double timer getting tangled in his own words in front of thousands of viewers, and BBC break the breaking news in a hilarious fashion.

Cats Don't Like Things | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

If you’re a cat person, this one is definitely for you! Watch as the feline deities unleash their wrath and haughtiness on random objects they absolutely don’t like. One of the funniest cat video compilations of 2017, there is at least one instance in this video that every cat owner can relate to. As far as we’re concerned, this has to be one of the best funniest animal videos of all time on Youtube.

Bloopers: Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust | "Buttery Flaky Outtakes"

Ever been a huge fan of tongue-twisters? If not, you will be once you see this cute elderly couple do their best to finish the commercial properly. It’s hilarious to see the flustered wife trying her best to help her husband say,” Baked in a Buttery Flaky Crust” over and over again only to have the tables turned when it comes to her turn to say the immortal words! Definitely one of the best elderly couple blooper videos on Youtube, hands down.

Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Say "Penguins"

Everything about Benedict Cumberbatch can make anyone hold their breath still, starting from that deep-dashing-sexy British accent to the well-tailored suits draped on his tall frame.

In this 6-minute short clip, you’ll see Cumberbatch doing one of the best Jar Jar Brinks impersonation on TV, unleash his inner gold-hoarding dragon that is Smaug, and as the title suggests, gets burned by his co-hosts and audience alike as he goes red trying to say ‘penguin’ and justify his inability to say the word.

For the first time, rather than swoon over his voice, I laughed uncontrollably with him over his struggle with the word Penguin. During his voice-over he said it over and over again and it awkwardly came out as “pangwang.”

BLBLBL Guy Weird Russian Singer

Want to irritate your siblings or significant other in a way that’ll freak them out? Just put this on your phone’s loudspeakers and put it out of sight and watch the fun begin! This video is an edited version of the famous Russian video song Chum Drum Bedrum. It only includes the alien-looking lead vocalist’s vocals, which just looks and sounds absolutely absurd with the music and chorus edited out.

Irritating and catchy at the same time, even you’ll have a hard time chasing the tune out of your head once it sets in! In all fairness, this gentlemen is an amazing singer and is absolutely adored in Russia. Still, his gimmick leaves his music performances open to interesting edits that will make you howl.

Rainbow Sponge Lady

This lady is so me. One evening a friend and myself tried to figure out what was our secret-sexy-single-behavior. If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, then you know what we were referring to. Well, I couldn’t come up with anything that I did secretly that anyone would find sexy unless they’re into weird impressions and arts and crafts.

Whether you’re in need of something to cheer you up or help you get your creative juices flowing, the rainbow sponge lady is here to save the day! Unlike most of the videos on this list which are intentionally funny, the humor value of this video comes through from the rainbow sponge lady herself with her quirky body language and presentation style. Aside from the laughs, this is also an awesome arts and crafts video as well.

I've Been Scaring My Sister With "Scare Cam" for Over a Year - Very Funny Scare Prank Compilation

Some pranks absolutely suck and are dangerous. However, other pranks which are harmless aside from making you jumpy always make the cut for me. It’s not the jump-scare that’s funny, but the reaction right after. And, who better to annoy each other via pranks than siblings.

Brother-sister sibling dynamics are wonderful and excruciating at the same time. Some siblings can’t help but irritate and bug the other ones till the end of their days, but that’s how sibling love works. As siblings, you’re either best buds trying to kill each other, many times it varies from moment to moment.

This brother took things to a whole new level by prank scaring his sister for an entire year and recording every encounter. Watch one of the funniest prank videos on Youtube. Who knows, you might even get an idea or to scare the heck out of your sibling!

Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Puns At Ikea

Some of my favorite ex-boyfriends (yeah, I know that sounds odd) were the ones who were experts in goofy-dad-humor. Further, some of my favorite moments with them were when we were in public, and that’d be behaving like goofballs while I attempted to contain myself. We both had our roles in the shenanigans. I was the refined human being, and they were the nutcases who turned even the most mundane tasks into laugh riots.

I hope a lot of significant others are guilty of throwing out lame puns in public, because it makes for so much fun. However, this guy is in a class of his own. Watching Dana patiently endure Simons puns is amusing and endearing at the same time, turning a boring trip to IKEA into a total blast. Realizing how lucky you are to have such a ‘punny’ significant other (if you have one) is bound to put a smile on your face.

NSFW Warning

Brothers Convinces Little Sister Of Zombie Apocalypse

Okay, so we’re back to watching siblings pranking siblings. Except, in this video, these brothers go through massive lengths to make the prank believable. They waited until their sister was in her most vulnerable state, hopped up on pain meds from a dental procedure, and then they went into action. Watch their little sister’s jaw drop little by little as her brother convinces her that they’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Once you’ve seen it from start to finish you’ll be laughing your head off at all the painstaking effort this brother took starting from the fake radio recording to preparing for the zombie apocalypse on the road. The funniest part to me was her response to “dog or cat,” not because I have a preference but because of how logical her answer was as if she’d given it some thought before.