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11:11 Make a Wish: Numerology & What It Means In 2019

Photo by Billie on Unsplash

Photo by Billie on Unsplash

I vividly remember being at a sleepover when I was a little girl. We’d all be in our PJs giggling and exchanging stories. We’d wait until 11:11 appeared on the clock, shriek “make a wish!” and then dive into our little preteen hearts for what we wanted most. Don’t get me wrong, this ritual of making a wish on 11:11 later in life definitely continued past my preteen years.

Although, the phenomenon became more of a silent nod to my desires whenever I noticed it on the path from teenager to adult. Seeing the numbers on a clock started to become a reminder where I asked myself, “what do I want?” And, I think we’d all agree that the question gets a lot harder to answer as you get older, so the ritual started to serve as a mental check-in rather than a wish generator. Still, the older I got, the less I even noticed the series of numbers.

Aside from 11:11, I wasn’t someone who sought explanations through numbers. Words were my superpower, and sewing them together was my art. Numbers were never something I became more curious about or something I looked for a deeper meaning in. The only things I cared about when it came to numbers were my salary, the price of a plane ticket, and how much I could save on the shoes I’d been eyeing. Those types of numbers always mattered to me, but still in a very practical way that in no way involved my emotional responses to my life choices.

It was when I started exploring spirituality that I learned there was an entire system of significance when it comes to numbers. Sure, I had heard friends talk about number patterns a few times, and I’ve always had a lucky number, but until recently I didn’t know there was a developed framework surrounding the supposed magic behind number patterns in our lives.

Seekers, meet numerology.

According to Omaria Tucker, a certified numerologist, “numerology is a type of divination system that adds meanings to numbers, where each number has its own energetic frequency and vibration.” Spirituality and self-development blogger, Stacy Lynn Carter, also describes numerology as “the study of numerical patterns that appear in our lives and, whether we realize it or not, affect who we are as a person and the path we are currently on in life.”

We already have so many systems like astrology and divination practices like tarot, so why add numerology into the mix? I’ll be the first to admit; sometimes, I get into “personal development overload.” I’ve taken so many personality tests, gotten tons of readings, and I’m still on the constant search for answers. So, to me, adding another system to explore sounded overwhelming at first. However, the truth is that we can never have too many tools to learn more about who we are and what we’re meant to do in this world.

Not every system, personality test, or reading is going to work for everyone. So the more practices that exist, the more people can find the answers they’re looking for. Numerology is another powerful source of insight into our destiny and purpose, and getting to know oneself can never be overdone. Still, I’ll caveat that with saying I don’t think any of these systems should stop us or hinder us from living our lives.

Every system, prediction, and practice should act as a conduit for insight and deepen our self-awareness. But, it should not be the basis for decision making—especially when emotions are involved.

I like to think back to my preteen self and the authentic belief I had when I saw 11:11 that my wish was bound to come true. That wish didn’t change how I acted or what I did the following day, but it helped me know the secrets my heart carried. That’s how I think we should explore all-new systems that give us insight into who we are—with playfulness, with faith, and with the belief that wonderful things are ahead.

Who do you go to if you want to learn about numerology? A numerologist.

“Many people turn to numerologists to gain insight into their own behavior and personality, hoping that this information provides them with a deeper understanding of themselves and what direction in life they should go,” said Tucker.

“During a reading, the most common way a numerologist will help you achieve this understanding is by looking at the numerical patterns that appear in your full birth name and date of birth. In numerology, each letter of the alphabet is associated with a number. By adding the numbers found in your name, a numerologist can help you understand your personality, natural skills, fears, and more. Then, by looking at your date of birth, they will be able to help you understand your own life-path and the direction that you're headed.”

Carter’s take added that “numerology can also be used for goal planning, scheduling important meetings, and choosing what house is best to move in. Numerology is a tool that foundationally helps you connect and grow your own personal intuition, by helping you to connect with the symbolism of the number meanings.”

How does numerology work?

I learned from social scientist, Dr Leo Ruickbie, that “the so-called Pythagorean system, named after the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras (also famous for that theorem about the square of the hypotenuse we all learned in school) gives a number from 1 to 9 to groups of certain letters and uses a person’s name and date of birth to discover hidden meanings about them.”

Ruickbie also explained the two most common numerology tests in a little more detail.

Numerology of your Name: “The numerical value of each letter in the person’s name is added together, and then the individual numerals in the number are added together until only a single-digit number remains: this is the name number.”

Life Path Number: “The birth number is made by similarly added up all the numbers in the birth date until only a single-digit number remains. Although 11, 22, and 33 are ‘master numbers’ and are not further reduced.”

For numbers 1 through 9, I got the download from bestselling author, Milana Perepyolkina, who said, “If you got…

1, this means you were born a leader, you will get satisfaction from creating new ways to do things and being the first at everything you do.

2, this means you were born a peace-maker. You will enjoy making the world around you a better place.

3, this means you were born to create with your mind or your hands: An artist, a writer, a photographer, or an actress perhaps?

4, this means you were born to build this world either literally (a construction worker) or electronically (an administrator or a manager).

5, you were born to break all the rules and be free and unpredictable (8 to 5 job will not make you happy).

6, this means that family, friends, and community are more important than anything else.

7, this means you came here to become a researcher and solve problems related to nature or science. You have a very strong analytical mind.

8, this means you came here to enjoy success in business and money.

9, this means you came here to be a religious leader, a healer, a philosopher, or to serve others.”

What about the phenomenon of 11:11 itself?

“The phenomenon of seeing numbers repeated frequently has been credited as a catalyst in their journey to exploring newer spiritual concepts when they have felt lost in life. These numbers are seen as messages from spirit, the Universe, angels, and our ancestors,” saidTucker.

“My #1 tip when someone asks me about repeating numbers is to direct them to think about the last thoughts they had before seeing the number. In addition, I advise them to take a look at what the numbers signify for them personally. Was it a birth date of a loved one, an old phone number, or a college ID? Based on the answers to the questions, you are able to go back to that particular relationship or time period in your life, to gauge the message that your subconscious mind is trying to convey to you.”

What does 2019 mean for all of us in numerology?

Jen Duchene, a numerology expert, gives us the full download.

“2019 adds up to a universal 12 (2+0+1+9)

12 is a number of learning, study, and knowledge. Not just acquiring information but harvesting it. Allowing it to sink in and become activated through an application.

This year is about prompting joy through discovery. There is a freedom in testing out theories with a sense of wonder, not just to collect data or prove a point.

We are not emotionless computers, rather, our emotions are the things that rule us. In preparation for what is to come, we are being directed this year to learn how to engage with our messy and muddled ability to feel without getting bogged down by opinion or trying to control the outcome. Focusing our passion on the quest, that ultimate seed for our hero's journey, while simultaneously honing our discernment muscles will be a theme this year.

12 could be called the composting number. When we eat, out of pleasure, need, or greed, our bodies absorb the nutrients and expel the rest. You could say the same about the mind. Information is swallowed with an insatiable hunger to learn something new or because we must. Facts, fiction, and advertising all have to be digested by our brains, translated into an emotional frequency to be absorbed, released, or rejected.

Typically we reject information that doesn't exist in our realm of possibility, especially when we choose to be spoon-fed instead of engaging our curiosity by asking questions. Curiosity is vital, healthy, and required to increase our understanding of the material.

Wisdom comes from active participation with ideas and potential; that is how knowledge informs and transforms us through trial and error. In other words, we can't really know something until we experience it. We can have opinions and suggestions which may or not be helpful when we need to learn something new. This is why we go through hectic experiences individually and collectively, in real-time, which changes us.

2019 is a year that promises to break our stubborn addiction to rhetoric and theory as proof. We will be forced to practice in the field of life, and come alive doing so, which is the focus of the soul at this time.

The step system of the 1,2,3 code (1+2=3) is a visual symbol that literally has us walking our talk. Whatever choices we make about who we are or where we are in this moment, we have to accept them as a valid starting point, committing to the path, with kindness. Connecting with things or people to get our concept moving into reality and then play in the pool of discovery...this is the path to achievement and joy.”

Well, there you have it!

If numerology is something you’re curious about and want to explore more of, see if your Life Path Number resonates. If it does, it may be worth diving in a little deeper. Another way to get started is to slowly (and over time) start noticing the numbers that you see appear frequently and routinely. Use this new knowledge as a new way to ask yourself more questions and to get closer to the answer to the ever-present question, “what do I want?”

After all, they say life is a numbers game, right?