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10 Strong Signs From The Universe That You’re On Track

strong signs from the universe

Receiving strong signs from the universe that you’re on the right track is so reassuring. From synchronicities to manifestations I’m going to cover some common signs to look for and you can interpret them.

Whether you’re religious or just consider yourself spiritual, you probably go through times when you just want a sign that you’re doing the right thing and are on the right path. If you’re like me, you want the Universe to let you know that you’re moving forward in a positive direction and that your aspirations will someday become a reality.

I want a higher power to give me a spiritual thumbs up when I’m feeling frustrated or stuck. Sometimes I will say out loud, “I need a sign that I should keep going with my writing (or whatever I think I need support with,) and sure enough I will get something, some sign that I shouldn’t give up.

We’re sent signs all the time, but we don’t recognize them, we ignore them, we downplay their significance, or we just pass them off as pure coincidence. The thing is when something happens that’s coincidental, it’s probably not a coincidence at all, but an attempt to get your attention.

You can call them signs, indications that you’re living in the divine flow, confirmation that you’re in alignment, or assurances from the angels--whatever you label them, you’re probably getting them all the time.

One major way that we get these messages is through synchronicities. Carl Jung invented the term Synchronicity which is a meaningful coincidence that could be interpreted as a result of energy. When a synchronicity happens to you, it probably won’t have meaning for anyone else.

If you’re not a believer, it’s still okay to recognize the signs and use them as little energy-boosters to keep you working on achieving your goals and fulfilling your purpose.

10 Signs From The Universe That You’re On The Right Track.

Synchronicities happen on the regular.

You’ll see number sequences such as 1111, 2222, 444, 333, 555: on your phone, computer, credit card receipt, the clock in your car, or on the microwave—anywhere where there are numbers. Once you start to look for them, you’ll see them all the time. Synchronicities are a way for the Universe to cheer you on. It’s the same if you suddenly hear a song that you hadn’t heard for years and now it’s mysteriously on heavy rotation in your life, or you keep getting the same message like “don’t give up” from diverse places.

Opportunities appear out of nowhere.

If the things you want are suddenly available to you, then take advantage of them, knowing that they are signs that you should have what you desire. Think of things such as receiving out-of-the-blue emails, messages, or calls from people who can help you with your career, or meeting your soulmate at your local coffee-house as spiritual bonuses. You’ve earned some assistance with getting what you want.

Your manifesting game is on point.

If it’s raining and you get movie-star-parking (aka a space right in front) or you can’t go to the concert because you’re broke and then a friend offers you a free ticket. You visualized, were grateful, and you were able to manifest what you wanted. This is a message that you need to trust in yourself and that you can ask for the things that you want, even if they seem out-of-your-reach. The Universe wants you to know that it has your back.

You grow from all of your mistakes.

If you’re wondering how failing can be a sign that you’re doing what you should be doing, then remember that there ’s no achievement without growth. If you’re making mistakes and staying in the same place and not learning from them; you’re not improving. But if you learn from what you did wrong and make corrections, you’re better able to handle the next set of challenges. Things have a way of working out for the best when you’re on track.

Your intuition tells you that you’re on the right path.

If you’re unsure that your inner voice can be trusted, know that whatever forces are guiding you have a direct line to your instincts. The more you trust your gut, the more aligned with the Universe you’ll become. Everything will feel right, and you ’ll know what you need to do.

You’re not stagnant or stuck.

Your creativity is off the hook, and inspiration hits all the time whether you’re in the shower, at a bar having a girl’s night, or even taking off your makeup at night. You don’t question the high-quality of your ideas or where they came from because you know they’re too good not to follow where they lead you.

People are drawn to you.

When things are clicking into place for you, people will want to help you. You just keep doing you and forget about trying to be someone you’re not. Things are going to work out in your favor just because of how likable and charismatic you are without you trying too hard.

You take better care of yourself.

You know how important self-care is, and when you feel supported spiritually from a higher power, you put taking care of yourself at the top of the list. If you’re overworked, depleted, and drained, you won’t have the energy to do what you need to do. You make decisions that are good for you and be responsible for your health and wellbeing.

The future isn’t scary.

You can’t put it in words, but you’re excited about what’s to come. It’s as if you can see in the future and you know that you’re going to accomplish your goals and have the life you want. Your spiritual support staff is at your side, helping you, and the future looks bright.

You can’t explain it, but you feel more supported than ever before.

It could be your own belief in yourself has magnified, or maybe it’s something cosmic, but you know that when you put yourself out there, it’s going to work out. You know it’s okay to step outside your comfort zone for the Universe has your back and it’s not going to let you fall.

Sometimes we need a sign that we’re doing what we should be doing with our lives and that we are moving forward in the best way possible. It doesn’t matter if you believe in angels, the Universe, or your own higher power as long as you feel supported and that things are happening as they should for you.