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Style Trendsetters That Love Zara Are Going Wild Over These Stores



It seems impossible to be anywhere in the vicinity of good style without shopping at Zara even once, am I right?

I'm a Zara fan. For years, Zara is where I went to find the latest sleek pieces for both work and casual play. Their seasonal collections seem to always champion pieces like pussy-bow blouses, tops with waist ties, and classic midi skirts. As a brand, they manage to stay true to our expectations while formulating the freshest most-relevant edits.

The Spanish retailer has had loads of practice over the last four decades honing its brand statement. And, for us, at least, they've nailed it. Everything about Zara feels high-end. It's the place to find pieces that not only look and feel incredibly high-fashion but for a fraction of designer prices. You can depend on it.

Zara is definitely the "it" brand for affordable trendy wear. But, many retailers are playing in this space. And we feel you'll think they deserve your attention too. We're not ones to hide a good style tip, so we decided to put together this list of stores like Zara. Because as much as you love Zara, you'll enjoy spreading that love too.

1. Pixie Market

Pixie Market tops our list of stores like Zara as an L.A. based style brand born out of the New York style scene. Like Zara,Pixie Market nails the affordable chic aestheticin a way that feels very high-end. It can easily be your other go-to brand for business casual wear or pieces that just feel very classy.

While Zara ventures into vibrant colors from time to time, Pixie Market's collections are all about the neutral swatch. You'll easily find cream, white, taupe, and sage pieces to love that play well in any ensemble.

In terms of price, Pixie Market is pretty comparable to Zara so a shopping spree doesn't need to break the bank at either retailer.

Get the Silky Beige Shirt for $94 and the Leather Utility Shirt Dress for $139.

2. Mango

Mango makes our list of stores like Zara as another Spanish retailer taking the fashion industry by storm. Mango takes its brand-defining style aesthetic from its rich Mediterranean roots. And, if you browse through their edits for even a second it's easy to tell because their collections are always chic and flush with rich colors. Like Zara, Mango is a total playground for the fashion girl that loves minimal-chic styles, especially those that feel slightly bohemian.

Mango's effortlessly feminine clothing, accessories, and jewelry won't cost you an arm and a leg either. Majority of their pieces fall somewhere between $30-$80 per item so you can refresh your closet seasonally without feeling guilty.

Get the Zebra Printed Sweatshirt for $60 and the Leather Biker Ankle Boots for $120.

3. Topshop

Like Zara,Topshop is another fashion industry-leading behemoth. Topshop is the most known for its edgy fast-fashion pieces. If you're looking for an outfit that is both affordable and statement-making from head to toe, shop Topshop. Also, Topshop makes some of the best jeans out there.Their Joni and Jamie jeans are raved aboutfor beingcomfortable and flattering for curvy women.

Topshop is also a style destination for men as well, so if you have a special guy in your life who can use a style refresh you can kill two birds with one stone.

Price-wise, Topshop is really comparable to Zara if not less expensive at times. Topshop also carries a wide variety of sizes, making items that fit everyone no matter the height.

Get the Paisley Smock Midi Dress for $95 and the Vinyl Midi Skirt for $90.

4. Express

If you've never shopped Express, it's your lucky day. Express is a fashion girl's best-friend. Like Zara, Express has honed a fresh brand that's on-trend and yet very reliable.

Style lovers shop express for their collection of business casual clothing, party wear, andextensive collection of jeans. Whenever you need an inexpensive blouse to complete your ensemble, think Express. They've got you covered.

Depending on the season, Express can also be the most affordable retailer on this list. They're constantly running awesome sales aside from their every day "buy one at x-get one at x" pricing.

Get the Mid Rise Columnist Ankle Pant for $80 and the Ruffle Chiffon Portofino Shirt for $50.

5. Few Moda

Few Moda is quickly becoming a fan-favorite around here. Few Moda’s collection of stylish pieces feels like Anthropologie, Topshop, and Lulus had a baby. And, the combination works for them. For fashion girls that teeter between edgy and boho moods, it can be a one-stop shop. If you love a a minimal-chic aesthetic Few Moda is your style jam.

Get the Edna Velvet Dress for $158 and the Kylie Pants for $134.

6. Revolve

Revolve makes our list of stores like Zara for their vast selection of high-end designer pieces. They work with over 500 brands and designers so, like Zara, their collections are always fresh and on-trend.

Revolve carries a little bit of something for fashion girls that subscribe to every aesthetic. Love an edgy style? Revolve has something for you. Do you prefer a boho look from head to toe? Revolve has you covered. Revolve is also a place to find interestingavant garde dresses, classy trousers, edgy culottes, suits, skirtsand shoes.

Compared to Zara, Revolve can fit a wide variety of budgets from affordable to pricey. Still, due to their mix of designers, many of their items will likely cost a bit more than you'll find at Zara.

Get the Animal Print Midi Skirt for $78 and The Denise Bodysuit for $168.

7. Amour Vert

We've talked a lot about Amour Vert around these parts. And, every single time it's about how polished and chic their pieces are. So, when it comes to delivering you a list of stores like Zara, Amour Vert can't be overlooked.

Compared to other stores on this list, you're least likely to have heard of Amour Vert, but only because it's a hidden gem. If Mango, Pixie Market, orReformation are your style jamsthen you'll love Amour Vert. Fashion girls that are in the know, shop Amour Vert for sustainable minimal-chic pieces that feel effortlessly refined.

Get the Joselle Silk Dress for $258 and the Kowtow Casting Pant for $218.

8. Need Supply

Need Supply is quickly solidifying its stake in the fashion game. As a retail brand, it's a bit younger than the rest of the stores on this list but that's not so say they don't know what they're doing. Need Supply has freaking nailed the edgy-avant garde aesthetic.The pieces that they curate from top independent designersare often intriguing yet wearable. Beyond avant-garde, Need Supply is totally a destination for neutrals and minimal-chic pieces.

Compared to Zara, Need Supply carries statement items that fit any budget. But the nature of their partnerships with indie designers means they carry a lot of stuff that can be pricey.

Get the Stella Slip Dress for $88 and the Satin Button Up Top for $98.

9. Finery London

Like Amour Vert, Finery London is another one of those brands you may not be familiar with. But, that's the beauty of this list. Exposing you to special retailers that you need to know is our favorite past time.

In terms of style, Finery London carries those sleek and classy pieces that feel the most like Zara. So, if Zara perfectly encompasses your style tastes then you'll have a lot of fun exploring London-based Finery London.

Get the Ashbridge Trousers for $129 and the Sabine Poplin Wrap Dress for $185.

10. & Other Stories

Last, but not least, on our list of stores like Zara is & Other Stories.& Other Stories has really been blowing up in terms of popularity. If you love shopping Zara but have a special place in your heart for a slightly boho-chic aesthetic, then & Other Stories has you covered.

Compared to Zara, & Other Stories is just as affordable. But, with & Other Stories, you get the best ofthreeworlds. & Other Stories doesn't have one streamlined style aesthetic. Nope, they craft their collections based on three design aesthetics between L.A., Sweden, and Paris.

Get the Double Breasted Plaid Blazer for $149 and the Gathered Slouch Leather Boots for $279.