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These Stores Like Mango Are Where Fashion Girls Go To Over-Indulge



If you're hip to Mango and shop them regularly, then you may just be a Mango girl. Mango girls are a special breed of “it” girl that flourish in chic Mediterranean-inspired clothing. Your posh style choices are the very portrait of wanderlust. Your outfits are effortlessly feminine. And, your entire wardrobe is refined from head to toe. That’s what it means to be you.

Mango doesn't make the "it" girl, the "it" girl is born. And, like a magnet, you're drawn to Mango as the high-street brand so closely aligns with your tastes.

Mango is the perfect place to find clothing with Spanish-inspired patterns, rich earth tone colors, and flowing silhouettes. Their designs are both iconic and sustainably crafted. They regularly team up with the freshest faces in fashion and design for collabs while reducing production waste. Mango is a style destination for everything from time capsule wardrobe pieces to their new jewelry line that features gold signet rings and dainty earrings.

It's easy to understand how fashion girls so easily fall in love with Mango. An easy-to-shop store filled with sustainably made gorgeous designs is a feel-good indulgent in every way. Still, because a Mango girl is an explorer at heart you're compelled to spread your wings among many brands without sacrificing your personal style. These stores like mango are the perfect places to branch out and add more variety to your wardrobe.

1. Pixie Market

Pixie Market tops our list of stores like Mango as a fashion destination for beautiful minimal-chic pieces. Mango infuses a lot of colorful earth tones and patterns into its designs. By comparison, Pixie Market's humble beginnings as a boutique in New York's lower east side likely influencethe brand's use of a neutral color palette.

If you love Mango, you'll resonate with Pixie Market's chic designs and stunning silhouettes. But, you'll also find that the average price point at Pixie Market is slightly higher.

Get the Mint Belted Dress for $118 and the Max Shirt for $62.

2. & Other Stories

& Other Stories joins our list of stores like Mango as H & M Group's lesser-known Swedish clothing, accessory, and beauty brand. They've been operating under the fashion radar for about the last six years, but all signs are pointing to an impending eruption of band recognition.

& Other Stories' brand is an amalgamation of three different design perspectives. Their timeless designs are the brainchildren of their Paris and Stockholm, Sweden influences, with their Los Angeles base focused on the ready-to-wear pieces we've come to know.Fashion girls all over the country are in love with & Other Stories.And, with their pieces costing on average $50-$80, this love affair doesn't hurt either.

Get the Graphic Print Button Up Shirt for $89 and the Bobble Pattern Wool Blend Cardigan for $129.

3. Need Supply

Need Supply makes our list of stores like Mango as a fashion-forward retailer. If you love Mango, you'll find so much to love at Need Supply as well. The buyers at Need Supply absolutely nail wearable avant-garde fashion. They work with loads of the best independent designers, and, seemingly, effortlessly maintain their brand distinction of sleek interesting pieces. Need Supply 's curated selection covers a wide range of budgets, so you'll definitely be able to find complementary pieces that won't drain your wallet.

Get the Nanette Skyline Skirt for $70 and the Leather Mini Dress for $620.

4. Anthropologie

No list of stores like Mango could be complete without Anthropologie. Bohemian style is a spectrum and both Mango and Anthropologie have their place on it.Like Mango, Anthropologie offers a stunning selection of bohemian-chic pieces designed with earth tone pallets.

At Anthropologie, you can explore everything from dresses with beautiful silhouettes, vintage-inspired denim, and delicate jewelry. In terms of price, Anthropologie is pretty comparable to Mango. Both offer pieces in a wider array of prices from affordable to pretty pricey.

Get the Gauzy Turtleneck for $68 and the Rhapsody Textured Maxi Skirt for $178.

5. Few Moda

Few Moda is an under-the-radar fast-fashion brand perfect for the girl with a wide range of tastes. Depending on what corner of the site you're browsing, Few Moda can feel ultra bohemian, to sexy, to refined and chic. This is precisely why it's a perfect fit for our list of brands like Mango. Beyond, Mango, if you’re also a fan of Zara or Lulus, you’ll dig few Moda as well. You can shop Few Moda for pieces that are similar to Mango's design and feel or find complementary pieces to finish your ensemble.

Get the Linde Top for $99 and the Court Jumpsuit for $138.

6. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is another brand like Mango that you maybe haven't heard of. Still, the San Francisco based retailer shares a lot of design similarities with Mango. While their selection is limited compared to Mango, Amour Vert makes great use of those same earth tones that define Mango's designs. Also like Mango, they're committed to sustainability. For every tee that you purchase from Amour Vert, the conscious brand plants a tree.

Amour Vert's selection is flush with expertly crafted minimal clothing pieces that includetea dresses, blouses, sweaters and more. Their average price will come in higher than Mango's but their sale section is always stacked with good deals at 30%-50% off.

Get the Joselle Silk Dress for $258 and the Sage Blazer for $238.

7. Finery London

The high-street brands are really going head to head with Finery London included in our list of stores like Mango. Like Mango, Finery London is a design house based in the epicenter of fashion. You'll find that Finery London's contemporary designs feel a lot like Mango but still maintain their own personality. Finery London's designs are much sleeker and feature sharper lines than you'll find at Mango.

Finery London is a much younger brand than Mango. Mango has been a staple in the fashion industry for decades, while Finery London was founded in 2014. So, you'll find their selection of dresses and blouses is more limited by comparison.

Get the Acacia Strapless Jumpsuit for $245 and the Isla Printed Midi Dress for $199.

8. Free People

Free People joins our list of stores like Mango as Anthropologie's younger sister. Like Anthropologie, Free People's bohemian designs share a lot of design influence with Mango's. So, the Mango lover will definitely find clothing staples to love.

Get the Rays of Light Jacket for $128 and the Night Out Mesh Maxi Slip for $128.

9. Reformation

Like Mango, Reformation is a style destination for fashion girls who love minimal and effortless-feminine style. Mango shoppers love Reformation for their gorgeous dresses, perfectly tailored jeans and cute bodysuits.

Get the Simi Top for $148 and the Zoe Skirt for $148.

10. Staud

Staud is no stranger to making fashion industry headlines. With every new collection, they release new styles that put your former party wear to shame. Not only do their pieces inspire excitement but also adoring compliments. Staud is the place to shop for investment pieces that the Mango girl will have loads of fun with.

Get the Hendrix Top for $195 and the Sofia Dress for $285.