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10 Stores Like ASOS For Your Online Style Exploration



For Americans, after America, the Royal Family, and English muffins, ASOS is in fourth place for some of the greatest things to come out of England (Topshop is up there too, but we’ll get there). The fast-fashion behemoth is basically unstoppable as they’re on the leading edge of retail every step of the way. We, as shoppers, can appreciate how easy ASOS makes it easy to snag the latest trends. Amazon gets all the credit, but ASOS was truly an industry leader when it came to expedited shipping, free returns, shopping via apps, and dedicated plus size fashion that’s actually fashionable.

If you’re on the market for any item of clothing, shoes, accessory, or jewelry, it’s a safe bet that it exists somewhere on ASOS’s website at this. very. moment. And, if you see your favorite celebrity sporting a style you admire it will be on ASOS’s virtual shelves lickety-split. In fact, that’s literally the origins of the brand name “ASOS.” That memorable word that rolls off of the tongue is actually an acronym that stands for As Seen On Screen. You see, the founders of ASOS understood very early on that we often (but not exclusively) get style inspiration from celebrity culture. And we’re impulsive about it, we want it in our hands right now. So, in the early 2000s, they built a brand around serving that fast-fashion need and the rest is history.

Although ASOS would love to monopolize our closets it’s just smart shopping to make sure you have a good amount of variety to explore. So, here’s our list of stores like ASOS that are incredibly trendy, offer a lot of variety and for a wide range of budgets.

1. Topshop

Topshop takes the top spot on our list and not just because they’re both born out of the land of tea and biscuits. Like ASOS, Topshop invests a lot in providing a wide range of styles that appeal to a variety of fashion preferences. You can easily find everything from brightly colored menswear-inspired women’s suits to classic-trendy joggers in one sitting.

While ASOS touts carrying upwards of 800 designers at any time, Topshop tones their designer partnerships down which makes their selection feel better curated. This crafted collection makes for a less daunting task of wading through all they have to offer. I have to admit that ASOS can feel overwhelming to shop online. It’s easily the online equivalent of an Ikea store.

Topshop is killing the fashion game with their in-house designs. The popularity of their jeans rivals any other brand. Their Joni Jeans among women with butts, thighs, and small waists and Topshop knows it. As popularity for their super comfortable and popular jeans rose they added more styles and colors and now serve petite and expectant mothers as well.

Get the Adidas Tape Crop Sweatshirt for $115 and the Black Pleated Cape for $85.

2. Shopbop

When it comes to logistics and Fashion, ASOS can only be rivaled by Shopbop and that’s why it makes our list. While ASOS built out a powerful expedited delivery and customer service system on its own (as far as I know), Shopbop was acquired by Amazon and, well, ya know.

All of the sudden Amazon is in this premium designer space and we, “The Shopper,” are getting our Balenciaga heels with free two-day shipping and free returns. It’s really wild when you think about it, but if Amazon is going to continue edging into every industry one awesome acquisition at a time I’m fine if they appeal to our need to have everything “right this hot minute.”

In terms of commonality, Shopbop shares a vast selection and top-notch customer service. But, the two retailers really differ in some compelling ways that I think you’ll enjoy. We want to show you stores like ASOS but we know you don’t need or want them to be identical. What’s the point in that?

While ASOS works with upwards of eight hundred designers, Shopbop really prides itself on only carrying products from leading designers and design houses. As a result, the average price point of products at Shopbop is substantially higher than ASOS, and fast-fashion isn’t even a “thing.” You could say that ASOS quickly manufactures products similar to the original designs of Shopbop’s designer partners.

Get the Marques Almeida Janis Dress for $390 and these Stella Luna Plisse Booties for $390.

3. Akira

If there’s one impression that Akira makes it’s that rich colors are a good thing. Akira is unapologetic about their selection of wonderful technicolor styles and it should be your first destination for when you’re looking for sexy outfits they really make you pop. Shop Akira for your glam, your glitter, and clothes tailored to hug your body in the most flattering ways.

Akira makes our list because of their progressive dedication to fashion-forward plus size wears and the youthful feel of their selection as a retailer.

Get the Rainbow Reflective Cargo Pants for $80 and the Trippy Trippin Button Down Dress for $55.

4. Boohoo

Boohoo isn’t just about fast-fashion, but making said fast-fashion extremely low-cost relative to its competitors and the list. While ASOS offers a clothing selection that covers a wide range of price points, Boohoo’s daily prices are on the lower end of the spectrum and that’s why it makes the list.

Both ASOS and Boohoo can appeal to a younger demographic of shopper. They both serve the customer’s fast-fashion needs and they’re both dedicated to a vast selection. Boohoo drops over 100 new items every single day which isn’t on the same scale as ASOS but it’s still impressive.

Get the Romantic Slogan T-shirt for $10 and the Oversized Star Hoop Earrings for $10.

5. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal has such a legacy in the fashion industry. From the story behind its humble beginnings under former CEO Sophia Amoroso, reputation for the best vintage collection and progressive trends, Netflix TV show, and its eventual and unfortunate bankruptcy, to the birth of one of the most-used terms on social media, #girlboss. Nasty Gal isn’t making this list because of its past ability to make headlines, nope. Nasty Gal makes this list for its commitment to hot trends and more recently, fast-fashion.

Nasty Gal was acquired by Boohoo in 2017 which helped the low-cost fast-fashion group further expand its reach. It also transformed Nasty Gal into a low-cost retailer for super hip girls. Now when you visit the homepage permanently says everything is 80% off and at times even an additional 20% off of that. Like shopping it’s an excellent alternative for super trendy wears that you’ll need to handle with care.

Get the On Flick Round Sunglasses for $8 and the Gard-en My Heart Sheer Floral Top for $19.

6. Mango

Mango makes our list because of its quality selection that caters well to the business professional. While you can find an incredible outfit for most occasions, they’re all easily transitioned into a business casual look with the help of a suit jacket.

Mango is especially appealing to a more mature style aesthetic with its incredible commitment to neutrals and its Mediterranean styles that feel very bohemian. Mango really is your place to shop if you classy bohemian dresses, culottes, blouses and more incredible pieces at affordable prices.

Get the Leather Biker Jacket for $150 and the Wrap Print Skirt for $46.

7. Express

Like Mango, Express joins our list because it’s a real competitor to ASOS’s business casual selection. And, Express is constantly running deals from points, weekend sales that mean you can really a lot of quality clothing at affordable prices.

Where Express absolutely blows ASOS out of the water is their collection of jeans. ASOS offers an extremely large selection of jeans for every height and physique and they make shopping their jeans incredibly easy as well.

Get the Zip Pocket Cutaway Blazer for $118 and the Low Rise Original Wide Leg Jean for $80.

8. Missguided

There’s a lot of U.K. representation on this list and Missguided is no exception. While Boohoo and Nasty Gal share the same parent company, Missguided still stands alone as a progressive and industry-leading fast-fashion retailer.

Missguided is the place to be for ultra-feminine styles that highlight your curves, like bodycon dresses and bodysuits, at affordable prices and they manage to do so using materials that don’t feel too fragile.

Get the White Oversized Mesh T-Shirt Dress for $25 and Mustard Co Ord Button Through Denim Shirt for $51.

9. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is another fast-fashion retailer out of the U.K. that falls under the Boohoo fashion group along with Nasty Gal. PrettyLittleThing makes this list because they’re not only affordable fast-fashion but like ASOS, they have an incredible selection of sexy plus-sized fashion which makes them on the leading edge of fashion retailers.

Behind Nasty Gal (at least for now) PrettyLittleThing is the most recognizable brand under the Boohoo umbrella, owing its burst of popularity to instagram influencers.

Get the Black Disco Sleeves Crop for $15 and the Black Patent Strappy Point Toe Heels for $45.

10. Forever 21

Last, but certainly not least on our list of stores like ASOS, is Forever 21. Unlike some of the retailers included on our list, Forever 21 really does feel like a full-fledged competitor of ASOS in terms of selection, target demographic, fast-fashion capabilities and brand recognition. ASOS has a higher upper limit of age demographic that it caters to but you’ll find that many of the styles they carry are quite similar to ASOS.

Get the Denim Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top for $25 and the High-Rise Cargo Joggers for $25.