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10 Spiritual Decor Items That Make Your Bedroom More Serene

spiritual decor

If you’re like me, then one of the best possible feelings after a long day is coming home, putting on pajamas, and hopping right into bed. I consider my bedroom a sanctuary, and I’ll often tweak things - here and there - and continue to bring more serenity into my space. I instantly feel calmer and safer the moment I walk into my room because of this.

My bedroom is where I do my best dreaming, give my body and soul a well-deserved break every night, daydream out of the window, write, meditate, breathe, live, and ultimately relax my constantly racing mind and overactive heart.

It’s the purest escape between four walls that I know.

I go into decorating my bedroom with the intention of including a positive experience for each of my senses and being mindful about what I let take up space.

Orderliness aside, some of my favorite elements within my bedroom contribute to a metaphysical lifestyle; however, you don’t have to consider yourself spiritual to add these things to your own living space. Regardless of your relationship with the universe, all of the items included in the list below are vessels to bring more tranquility into a room.

Dream Catcher

The legend behind the dream catcher comes from Native Americans of the Great Plains. There are many beliefs, but one of the most common is that good dreams can filter through the dream catcher while bad dreams get caught in the web. This theory is why it’s recommended to hang a dreamcatcher above your bed. What’s the biggest reason why my dream catcher brings me peace? It reminds me never to stop dreaming.


Crystals have many powers, uses, and functions. Each crystal has a different purpose, and each may belong in a different part of your room (or not at all). Whenever I get new crystals, I’ll place them by my window to energize them with sunlight (once they’re cleansed, of course). Rose quartz is particularly soothing and good to keep on your bedside while howlite is a crystal that’s good for sleep.

Plant Babies

As a true millennial, I love plants. While there is a practice around “plant magic,” I purely have plants because they make me happy. Plants can boost mood, purify the air, improve your health, and some say plants make you smarter. Plus, they’re just so lovely to look at and remind me that there’s always LIFE around me. Here’s an article we wrote about low-maintenance indoor plants that you can order from Amazon.


Incense exudes a fragrant smoke when it’s burned, and it used aesthetically, religiously, spiritually, and for other cultural reasons. It has been said to improve concentration and creativity in addition to boosting confidence and positive energy. I burn incense every single morning as a part of my morning routine. There are plenty of charming incense holders you can buy, and you can even purchase incense specific to your 7 chakras.


Having books against my window remind me of my desire to continually learn more, keep an open mind to new perspectives, and inspires me to work on my book. I love reading and discovering things about the world and escaping into colorful stories. Whenever I have a particularly rough day, I’ll open up a book and let the pages transport me.


Whenever I light a candle, I instantaneously feel more relaxed. Aromatherapy is known to improve mood, decrease anxiety and promote well-being. What are my favorite scents? I lean towards lavender or frankincense year round, but during the fall I adore cinnamon candles and then balsam towards the winter. Candles are not exclusively spiritual, but they are used in a handful of rituals. I also have an “Angel’s Influence” candle that I light before I use my Goddess Cards (more on those below).

A Gratitude Journal

If you follow my articles, you know I rave about the five-minute journal. I keep it on my nightstand and try my best to write in it every morning and night. The beautiful texture aside, seeing the journal reminds me to think about what I’m grateful for which consequently drives my worries away.

Sage & Palo Santo

I’ll burn either sage or palo santo during certain moon cycles, before having visitors, and whenever my space doesn’t feel right. I like keeping it within view because it reminds me that negative energy can be dispelled and that nothing is forever. I wrote an article about the items I keep in my spiritual toolkit where I discuss how to use tools like sage.

Goddess Oracle Cards

“Each card gives you a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path.” I prefer Goddess Cards over Tarot Cards whenever I need a little bit of guidance. Seeing these cards reminds me that I don’t necessarily need to have all of the answers, that I don’t have to do everything alone, and that unseen forces are helping me.

Sure, soft sheets, pets, fluffy blankets, photos of friends and family, art, and window treatments add to the peacefulness of a room too.

However, these (kind of) metaphysical items put you in a better headspace to take on the world when you leave your safe space. These items allow you to invite more gratitude, expel negative energy, tend for life, center yourself, and learn to enjoy your own company.